Where could you go where God is not? What place could you find free from Him? Could you hide in the mountains that He made Himself? Or retreat to where He doesn’t reign? God was with Abraham in the desert. And with Joseph while he was in jail. And with David as he was in [...]

Welcome to Midwest Fastbreak!

We are moving! This year we are hosting in Louisville and we have two new movements joining us for the weekend of Fastbreak.  Atlanta Cru and Chattanooga Cru.  They will be joining us as we learn, worship, grow and play. Our speaker for this year is David Williams, check out more about him in the [...]

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Don't let be cost be the reason why you can't attend Fastbreak! Talk with your staff! Some Cru movements, such as Cru Indy, are selling Poinsettias this Christmas season to family and friends to raise money for the conference.  Other movements are writing out Support Letters and asking family members to help pay for Fastbreak [...]